March 12, 2018

Sick Desk

March 12, 2018                                 MEMBERS ON THE SICK LIST

Please keep the following members and fellow officers in your prayers:

Association 2nd VP Harry Hassler, currently undergoing chemo treatment for pancreatic cancer. You can reach Harry at fasttrackpi@yahoo.com

Lifetime Member Ret. P.O. Richie Petito, recovering from recent back surgery and is in rehab. You can reach Richie at rjp72@optonline.net

Received from Lou Hollander through Alan Berkowitz


Please be advised that retired police officer William "Billy" Gallagher will be entering North Broward Hospital on Tuesday, March 13th for back surgery. Please keep Billy in your prayers! Thank you,

November 28, 2017                WIFE OF RET. P.O. KEVIN HICKEY

From Lou Hollander:

I received this email from Kevin Hickey. He is requesting prayers for his wife, Judy.  Along with the prayer request, he needs information on catastrophic insurance.  If you can help, his email is khickey2918@yahoo.com

She had to go into the hospital to have bones in her shoulder replaced.  Operation was somewhat of a success. However, the next day when she attempted to stand up, she collapsed and had no strength in her legs.  She went into a rehab facility which she will probably stay until possibly Christmas.  Need prayers.
Secondly, perhaps someone may know how I could purchase catastrophic insurance.  I have the regular Blue Cross and Blue Shield plus MEDICARE.  I know it would not cover this year but may come in handy in the future. Aetna is no good for me since they do not cover southern Virginia.